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Eloisa R. Martin, 36 Years Old

   After 6 years of waiting na magka-baby kami ng husband ko, our dream came true kasi nagkaroon na din kami ng Miguel Rafael dahil sa bisa ng Royale L-Gluta POWER. It all started nang sumali ako sa Royalè Business Club last November 2007. And from the benefits ng pagiging Royale member, I’ve been given the chance na masubok ang produkto nilang L-Gluta POWER. Sabi kasi magiging healthy kami at puputi pa, without knowing na L-Gluta POWER pala ang magiging sagot sa matagal na naming wish - ang magka-baby. Nagstart ako uminom at ang husband ko last November 2007and then, on February 2008, I got pregnant! I gave birth last October 2008. I and my husband are very happy to our baby and proud to be Royalè!


All of these are because of the grace of God through Royale Wellness Products." 

All of these are because of the grace of God through Royale Wellness Products

Robert Lemuel S. Regis, 33, Philosophy Teacher

"Being informed about what L-glutathione does for the body, I decided to use Royale L-Gluta Power to enjoy its health benefits. I experienced at first hand how the product can help the body enhance its disease fighting ability since L-glutathione naturally boosts the immune system. I am taking it daily to help me cope with a stressful and polluted environment. The best part is, after a few months of using it, my skin became fairer and brighter, all my friends are complimenting me about it."!

Ivyn C. Malabanan

   "I suffered from a skin condition named Psoriasis for 11 years. During this time, I went to countless doctors to find a cure or ease the symptoms of the disease. I spent a lot of money; I also had to bear the shame of having such an unsightly complexion, causing a strain in my social life. I had been told, time and again, that it was an incurable disease; but I did not lose hope. I started taking Royale Grapeseed and L-Gluta Power 700 capsule and after two months, my skin gradually improved; it became smoother and whiter. No more bouts of skin flare ups. After a while, the psoriasis was gone.

I am now starting a new life. I feel like a new person. Thanks to Royale!"

Marie Anne Baydo, 42, Insurance Underwriter

"Since I gave birth to my youngest son, I had struggled with migraine and dysmenorrhea. The pains were unbearable I resorted to pain killers at high dosages. Although the medicines helped, it scared me because I knew it will have negative effect later. I looked for alternative medicine. A friend strongly advised Royale Grapeseed. I took 2 capsules a day, and true enough, within a month, the migraine and dysmenorrhea vanished into thin air. Now, I am the one strongly recommending Royale Grapeseed. I know it works!"

Shelymar F. Aurigue, 41, Insurance Specialist

"After the birth of my third child in 2005, my uterus and right ovary had to be removed due to fibroids and cervical complications. The operation caused an early menopause (I was 35 years old at the time) and a lot of restrictions in my previously active lifestyle. I was distressed and I had mood swings which turned later on to full blown depression. I had other problems; Acute Labyrinthitis; anemia and I gained so much weight. My doctors prescribed hormone replacement which I wtas supposed to take until I am 50 years old. But it did not help; I was still miserable. In August, 2009, I started taking L-Gluta Power and Royale Grapeseed.

I tried it because I wanted to look good in my daughter’s debut party. I did not realize that my entire life will change; no more hot flushes, no more extreme mood swings, the constant tiredness was gone. Instead, I have an overall feeling of well being. To top it all, I have a fairer skin and I shed the unwanted pounds. January this year, I stopped taking my hormone replacement therapy medicines, and instead added Royale C to the supplements that I take.

I am glad I gave Royale a try; it has brought wonders to my life! Not only am I looking and feeling good but I am also earning very well with my Royale business."

Antonio O. Fong , 42 years old

"I used to work in our Carinderia from morning till late in the afternoon. Preparing, cooking and selling food required long hours of standing. Last December, 2009, I started to feel pain in my knees. I went to the doctor and was prescribed pain reliever but t did not work. When I went to another doctor, I was informed that I had osteoarthritis and it was the cause of the agonizing pain. I was prescribed medicine for the osteoarthritis, but instead of taking it, I took Royale Grapeseed. After a few days, the pain in my knee gradually decreased. I continued to use the product and later on the pains totally stopped. Grapeseed also gave me the stamina I needed to continue my work. Recently I started to use Fitshape to help me lose the excess weight."

"Now, I can productively work and not bothered by pains in my knee. Thanks, Royale."

Aileen Comprado, 23, Data Encoder

"Nakakastress when you work on a graveyard shift, but with Royalè Wellness Products, I don’t think about it! No worries pa ko sa asthma and dysmenorrhea ko."

Romeo A. Gamido , 45, Retired AFP

"Ako po ay buong pusong nagpapasalamat sa mga produkto ng Royale Business Club na nakatulong sa aking karamdaman. September 2009 nang ako po ay magkaroon ng problema sa aking colon, na naging dahilan upang ako ay magkaroon ng bleeding sa loob ng isang buwan at kinailangan kong gumamit ng diaper. Labis po ang pag aalaa ko sa aking kalusugan, kaya nga ng ialok sa akin ang produkto ng Royale, kagad ko pong sinubukan ang Fiberich, Grapeseed at L-Gluta Power. Makalipas po ang ilang lingo, himala pong tumigil ang aking bleeding. Lubos na pasasalamat po sa Diyos, sa Royale Business Club at sa

taong nangulit sa akin na subukan ang mga produkto. Sana po ay ipagpatuloy nyo ang pagtuklas ng marami pang magagandang produkto upang marami pa ang matulungan."

Racquel Imus , 40, Logistic & Project Assistant


"I thank God I found Royale! I believe that health is wealth and that I should take care of my body. That is why when I was diagnosed to have mayoma and was having irregular (twice a month) and painful menstruation, I was devastated. When Royale products was introduced to me, especially the L-Gluta Power, I knew I found the solution. This is an amazing product, aside from making my skin fairer and brighter, it corrected my hormonal problems. Right now, I am having a regular monthly period.

I also tried Royale Blend 8-in-1 Coffee and Choco all 8, Royale Blend Corn Beverage and it helped me in my constipation problems. Royale is helping a lot of

people through its wonderful products. I consider Royale as a blessing from God."